Wendee Trefz

About Wendee Trefz

Wendee graduated from Monmouth University in 1996 with a BA in Education/English. She is highly qualified by the state of NJ to teach grades K-12 and holds a NJ Standard Teaching Certificate. Wendee started teaching in 1997, and will receive her Master's in reading education from Rowan University May. She is married with two daughters aged 8 & 5.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: What are they really saying?

Talk, listen and read between the lines at your parent-teacher conference. It’s important for your child’s future.

Is homework beneficial?

The majority of the time, the answer is no. But research on the topic is greatly ignored by administrators and teachers.

Is your child gifted?

If your child is recommended for a gifted and talented program, or you feel they would benefit from one, take the time to review the components of the program and make sure it fits your child’s learning style and personality.

What should your child really know?

It’s important as a parent to know what is expected of your child. This knowledge will help you during parent conferences and as your child learns throughout the school year.

What you need to know about Back to School Night

As a parent, I look forward to Back to School Night each year. As a teacher, though, Back to School Night is sometimes anxiety ridden.

Separation anxiety

Here are some ways that you can make your child’s transition a little easier.

Ugh, homework! Let’s make it worthwhile

Homework starts as early as kindergarten for most students. Here’s how parents can become more involved and make sure that homework is helping their child.

Cyber-Bullying: It can happen online, too

Our kids are growing up in a fast-paced, technology-savvy world. It’s important that we, as parents, understand this technology they are using.

Bullying – it could be happening without you knowing

Talking to your kids about bullying is important, because they may not know what is OK and what is not. Teachers and administrators might not know it’s going on, too.

Time is running out for ‘Back to School’ shopping

It’s hard to believe, but the return of the school year is approaching quickly. And this means that there isn’t much time to complete that “Back to School” shopping.