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Barry Lank is a former TV and radio writer, and, like most people, was editor of the Courier-Post opinion page in Cherry Hill, at some point. If you look up, you'll realize he's watching you read this.

State asks why some standardized tests have so many corrections

When a school’s eraser marks on tests get too far above the state average, officials start to wonder.

Governor Chris Christie green-lights medical marijuana

Despite federal law, medical marijuana seems to have no legal complications.

Man dies in police shoot-out – sought for a string of robberies

Dwayne Tribbett said police wouldn’t take him alive. He died two hours later.

TV’s “Jersey Shore” not toxic to Jersey image

God help us, the show might actually be doing us some good.

Rabbi accused of kidnapping man and forcing him to divorce

Perhaps you think your divorce is messy. You are wrong.

Man busted for fake Food Network show

A Delaware man posed as a celebrity chef and sold fraudulent tickets to a nonexistent Food Network show in Carney’s Point, police said.

Catholic churches vandalized in Cherry Hill

Police in Cherry Hill have now found six incidents of vandalism against Catholic churches in just the last week.

NJ nuclear power heats up – literally, politically – after Salem 2 leak

The nuclear power plant in Lower Alloways Creek Township had to go off-line because of a leak last week, even while locals in Lacey Township fought to keep their old plant.