Preliminary budget talks highlighted Voorhees Board of Education meeting on Macrh 19

The preliminary budget for the 2014-2015 school year was the hot topic at the March 19 Voorhees Board of Education meeting.

The board did not solidify numbers, but estimated taxes per Voorhees residence to increase from last year.

“There will be around a two-cent tax increase total,” assistant superintendent and business/board secretary Dr. Frank T. DeBerardinis said.

According to DeBerardinis’ calculations, the “two cents” added up to about $60 per year in increased taxes per average assessed residence. Generally speaking, DeBerardinis claimed taxes could, “go up about 1 percent from last year.”

Letter to the editor: Meetings can be informative and entertaining

The Zoning Board of Adjustment seems to be getting a lot of grief—for a while now.

And for good reason, so it seems. I would like to suggest that interested residents attend the monthly meetings to see for themselves what the problem might be, wondering if it’s so readily apparent to others as I think. Those usually in attendance have a dog in the fight, and thereby can easily miss seeing the nub of a possible problem.

So, go to a few meetings with an open mind. It is time well spent. Meetings can be informative, stimulating, and sometimes entertaining.

Evesham Fire-Rescure Happenings: Budget Passed, Train Show and Guest-Bartender Events Upcoming

For another year, Evesham residents will see only a small increase in their taxes to Evesham Fire District No. 1. Also, on March 23, to Marlton Fire Company No. 1 will host its annual model train and toy show. On March 25 is the firefighter guest-bartender event at Outback Steakhouse on Route 73.

Zoning Board approved parking lot for Christ Scientist Church at March 17 meeting

What was titled as “old business” on the Haddonfield Zoning Board agenda at its March 17 meeting garnered new attention from the board and residents. The issue is a parking lot set to be located next to the First Church of Christ Scientist.

Senator Diane Allen installed as chair of the National Foundation for Women Legislators

Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) was installed as Chair of the National Foundation for Women Legislators in the New Jersey State Senate Chambers.

Medford municipal taxes to remain flat in 2014

Medford Township Council was met with applause from local residents at last week’s council meeting after announcing there would be no municipal tax increase in 2014.

Tennis courts, hockey rinks in Cherry Hill to receive facelift

Tennis courts and hockey rinks around Cherry Hill are expected to receive a facelift in the near future.

Reminder: Zoning board meeting March 18

The Haddonfield Zoning Board will be meeting March 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the Borough Hall Auditorium. Anyone with questions regarding parking, signage, or other zoning matters are encouraged to attend.

Board of Education not conducting search for permanent superintendent

As parents and teachers may have come to realize, the Moorestown Board of Education has not found cohesive leadership from superintendents during the last few school years, and that issue is not being resolved this year.

As publicly announced in a settlement agreement following the 2012-13 school year, the board was forced to pay a $165,000 salary to ex-superintendent Brian Betze. For reasons still not clearly known, Betze’s sudden resignation in August 2013 has not lead the board to much clarity since.

When asked about Betze on March 10, “He left for personal reasons, that’s all I am able to say,” the official spokesperson for the Moorestown Board of Education, and president, Don Mishler said.

The board’s business administrator, Lynn Shugars, was temporarily placed as superintendent after Betze’s departure.

This year, the board decided to hire the current interim superintendent, Timothy J. Rehm.

Police sworn-in at March 11 commissioner’s meeting

At the Haddonfield Board of Commissioners meeting on March 11, the Haddonfield Police Department conducted a swearing in ceremony for new officers.

Borough Hall second floor auditorium saw a full house, as Jason Cutler was appointed as lieutenant.

After much debate regarding the decision to hire a police chief permanently at many previous meetings throughout the past year, all arguments were settled. Commissioners swore in former “acting chief,” Theodore “Ted” Stuessy, as the police department’s permanent chief.