Committee meeting tonight

Voorhees Township Committee meeting is at 8 p.m. at the Voorhees Town Center.

Election to be held tomorrow

Are you prepared to cast your vote for three commissioners?

Council had a busy Monday agenda

Moorestown Council was busy on Monday, making a move on revenue items and approving the final 2013 budget.

Letter: Resident comments on upcoming election

I returned to Haddonfield recently following a brief absence to find a concerted effort online by a small handful of local residents, whom I will call the ‘Smug and Self Satisfied,’ to preserve the status quo in our town by promoting Ed Borden, Neil Rochford and Lee Albright as our next Borough Commissioners.

UPDATE: Council approved 2013 budget and more

Moorestown council approved the final 2013 budget, passed the second reading of field sponsorship program and more. The Sun will have a full report on the meeting.

Letter: Resident will vote Borden on May 14

I am writing in support of Ed Borden for commissioner in the upcoming election on May 14. This is a very important election, and I urge everyone to make it a priority to vote.

Letter: Resident supports Moscatelli and Kasko

Until recently, I was uncertain about who I would vote for in the upcoming borough commissioner’s election.

Reader: ‘The Bancroft vote remains a watershed’

Although many would like to put it behind us, the Bancroft vote remains a watershed not so much because of which side won, but because it delineated two natural and very different constituencies.

Reader: ‘Haddonfield is fortunate to have a new name in the mix’

Anyone who runs for commissioner has our appreciation for his or her concern for our town.

Letter: Resident shares support for Borden

Once again it is time for Haddonfield to elect borough commissioners, and once again I am supporting Ed Borden.