Letter: John Bulina for Tabernacle BOE

To the Residents of Tabernacle,

I ask for your support in the upcoming school election. My number one priority is to continue to work tirelessly, so that every child in Tabernacle reaches his or her potential. Everything that we do in education should be directed toward one goal: enabling our students to achieve at the highest level and to succeed in the global economy.

My three daughters received an outstanding education in Tabernacle, and I am grateful to live in our beautiful township. Our schools continue to provide each child with the opportunity to learn, grow, and discover; these key ingredients will prepare them for success.

As a Tabernacle Board of Education member for 25 years, including three years as board president and six as vice-president, and in my current position as president of the New Jersey School Boards Association, I have been able to bring our district ideas that will positively affect our students. While my work at the state level is critically important, my attention—first and foremost—goes to the children of Tabernacle.

This year, for example, Tabernacle is implementing iSTEM, which stands for integrative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. iSTEM employs cutting-edge technology that reinforces learning in all subject areas. It is only one example of our work to strengthen the entire school program, including the arts and physical education, which play a significant role in the development of the whole child.

When I became a board member, I made a personal commitment to listen to the residents of Tabernacle. I encourage this dialogue to ensure quality education, because our children are the living message we send to a time we cannot see.

Thank you,

John Bulina