Township receives emergency management grant from county

Township council passed a resolution to accept the Camden County Department of Homeland Security, Emergency Management Performance Grant Program Funding at last week’s meeting.
According to township communications director Bridget Palmer, the township applies for the grant every year. The township was awarded $5,000 to offset the costs of emergency management coordinator Kevin Seta.
The matching $5,000 is embedded in Seta’s salary.
The money was awarded through the state Police Office of Emergency Management.
“It’s important especially since September is National Preparedness Month,” Palmer said. “It’s a good reminder that safety is paramount.”
The OEM coordinator makes sure the township is prepared in any situation from hurricanes to snow storms to heat waves, Palmer said.
The grant’s purpose is to enhance the township’s ability to prevent, protect against, respond and recover from acts of terrorism, natural disasters and other catastrophic events and emergencies, the resolution said.
According to the resolution, due to the negative effects of Superstorm Sandy, the grant application period was delayed and applications, funding and issuance of funds are being solicited.
The day the award was announced, Sept. 11, was not lost on anyone, with the presentation of two grants, adding to the township’s safety.
B’nai B’rith Couples Unit 5220 presented a $500 grant and the Saltzman House Social Club presented a $100 grant to the police department to purchase first responder kits for the patrol cars.
“These kits allow our officers to provide a higher level of medical attention and treatment at the scene of a critical incident,” said Lt. Sean Redmond of the Cherry Hill Police Department. “The equipment and training allow officers to initially treat more severe injuries temporarily until further life-saving techniques can be administered.”
The goal is to place one in every patrol car, according to Palmer.
“It will enable our officers to respond above and beyond typical first aid as an initial first response on a larger/traumatic scale to treat patients to transport them for further care,” Palmer said.
The grants will pay for five or six kits, according to Palmer.
According to Palmer, the kits will feature equipment utilized in extreme and hazardous medical conditions where basic lifesaving equipment is not enough.
A HALO Chest Seal, utilized for immediate placement and the securing of any open chest wound, a CAT Combat Tourniquet utilized to stop extreme bleeding from any extremity due to any injury and an Israeli Bandage utilized to secure, wrap, protect and control any extreme or severe injury are in the kit. All are packaged in a compact pouch capable of being kept on a police officer’s person or readily available in a patrol vehicle.
“The department is budgeting to outfit additional cars, as well,” Palmer said. “The immediate benefit is the patient but it’s worth noting it will help our first responders in any situation. We hope we don’t have to use them, but we want to make sure our officers are equipped to handle any situation of any severity.”
The department is “well on its way” to outfitting all police officers.
“In light of 9/11 the timing was coincidental, but it reminds you to be prepared. We learned a lot from that tragedy, to be ready for every situation and hope we don’t have to use them,” Palmer said.
This is the first time a private group has come forward to donate to the department, Palmer said.
“It’s remarkable because 30 couples came forward because they wanted to help following the Boston Bombing. They came together and raised money to help. It’s incredible what they’ve done for us,” Palmer said.
The reason the two groups wanted to present at the meeting was to inspire others to give back as well, Palmer said.
In other news:
•The council recognized the Woodcrest Swim Club team for being named Champions of the Cherry Hill Association of Pools Women’s Softball League.
According to the proclamation, each year, teams from several of Cherry Hill’s swim clubs and those in neighboring towns take part in the summer league, which offers friendly competition and sportsmanship for our residents.
The Cherry Hill Association of Pools provides safe and enjoyable locations for families to enjoy their summers, incorporating recreational activities for all ages throughout Cherry Hill Township, the proclamation said.
The council wished them an “equally successful effort” next season.
The next township council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m. for more information visit

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