Maureen Eyles appointed to direct tricentennial committee

The Haddonfield Cultural Events Commission has appointed Maureen Eyles to serve as executive director of the Haddonfield Tricentennial Committee, the group that will be responsible for coordinating and publicizing next year’s celebration of the 300th anniversary of the year in which Elizabeth Haddon and her husband built and occupied their house in what is now known as the Estates section of Haddonfield.

Eyles holds a similar position with First Night, Haddonfield’s alcohol-free, family-oriented celebration of the arts on New Year’s Eve. The Cultural Events Commission is the “parent” of the First Night committee also.

During a meeting hosted by the Historical Society at Greenfield Hall in late June, more than a dozen community groups pledged to sponsor special events and activities for the Tricentennial. A number of others expressed strong interest before and after the meeting.

The Society itself will achieve a major goal in Sept. 2013 with the publication of the definitive biography of Elizabeth Haddon. Its observance of the anniversary will begin in January with an exhibit of Elizabeth Haddon and John Estaugh reproduction clothing. Planning for numerous other history-related events and activities is well under way.

The school district will include special units in the curriculum for all grades, K through 12. Teachers and students at Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School, which will mark its 100th anniversary in 2013, have been planning their yearlong observance for some time.

Detailed plans for the celebration will be revealed during a dinner at Tavistock on Friday, Oct. 19, hosted by the Rotary Club. In addition to a four-course meal, the evening will include cabaret-style entertainment during dinner and the drawing of top prizes in a reverse raffle with a potential first prize of $10,000. Tickets for both the dinner and the raffle will go on sale in August. All members of the community are invited to attend.

Residents and business owners who are interested in learning more, in submitting ideas and suggestions, or in helping to organize activities and events may contact Maureen Eyles at (856) 795-9927 or Maureen@haddonevents.com.