Washington Township celebrates graduates tonight

Washington Township celebrates graduates tonight.

The evening of June 13, nearly 700 young men and women will walk into Tom Brown Stadium at around 7 p.m. as students.

They’ll leave as members of the Washington Township High School’s class of 2012.

Principal Joe Bollendorf said students have much to be proud of.

Class of 2011

“Another year is highlighted by students going to high-profile colleges. One is going to the Naval Academy, one is going to Princeton and one is going to Penn, and the list goes one and on with high-profile schools,” Bollendorf said. “It was an excellent year on the athletic fields and another successful year all around.”

Aside from numerous student accomplishments in academics, athletics, art and music, Bollendorf said there is one thing that makes this class stand out.

“This class came together in a strong way. Their unity was cemented in the loss of  Taylor Buonadonna their junior year and in the tragic loss of Nikki Kellenyi this year,” Bollendorf said. “The class, through sadness, created an indelible bond between them.”

Bollendorf said he was thrilled, too, by the students’ ability to help others.

The class of 2012 collectively raised $90,000, which surpassed last year’s efforts by $8,000.

Bollendorf said the Super Bowl hoagie sale, along with countless other fundraising events throughout the year, helped students connect with the community while raising money for those in need.

“It’s really much part and parcel to who we are and what we do as a community,” Bollendorf said. “Students moved to help neighbors, friends and family to get through the toughest time. It’s really incredible to see.”

Before the graduates receive their diplomas this, Bollendorf said he’d share some wisdom with them, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals.

He said he looks forward to seeing what students from this class go on to do and what kind of mark they will leave on the world.

“Washington Township is a place where people care about other people. And the kids at the high school are no exception, they are the ones really leading the charge,” Bollendorf said.

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