Daniel Morley wins Republican Primary

Washington Township Council President Daniel Morley defeated Tim Attanasi at the polls on primary day in Washington Township.

The two were vying for the Republican nomination to face incumbent Democratic Mayor Barbara Wallace in November.

According to unofficial tallies from Gloucester County, Morley received 63 percent of the vote, while Attanasi got 36 percent of the vote.

“We put a lot of work into it (the campaign) eight weeks ago or so. We were hard pressed to get ready for the primary,” Morley said. “It felt really rewarding – the citizens of Washington Township decided to look for another option.”

Michael Pascetta of the Washington Township Republican Executive Committee, which gave the Morley-Murphy-Mella slate the official Republican nod, said he, too, was pleased with the outcome last week.

“It feels great. We’re glad to have the primary behind us. We’re on our way to the true goal, which is the election in Novemeber,” Pascetta said.

Morley’s council running mates, Kevin Murphy and Tahir Mella surpassed the two other council candidates at the polls, as well.

Murphy received 31 percent of the votes, with Mella garnering 29 percent.

Sal Lopresti and Mike Gilletti were not too far behind, bringing in 21 and 19 percent of the votes, respectively.

With the primary win, Pascetta said the party-endorsed team proved they could lead the township in the future.

“We were the true Republican team, our values never waivered. We focus on smaller government and lesser taxes to make it a more affordable community,” Pascetta said. “The other guy – what was their goal? They never articulated their platform and they never came to debate.”

Moving forward members of the Republican Party, along with the three candidates will begin to meet in the coming weeks to map out their plan for moving forward.

“It’s definitely an uphill battle. It’s well known that Democrats have a lot of money and power,” Morley said. “We want to talk to the citizens of the township to find out what concerns them and open up the scope of where we’re going.”

Pascetta said the upcoming campaign season could be challenging, but said the team is confident they can compete against current mayor Wallace.

“We never strayed and never promised more than what we’re always about,” Pascetta said.

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