Let's pass this budget

We are Moorestown citizens.  We live, work and play in Moorestown.  Our children attend Moorestown schools.  For months, we have watched as our school board and education association have struggled to settle the teachers’ contract.  We are concerned about misinformation regarding the upcoming school budget election.

Moorestown schools are among the top in the state.  We have a great community, school board and teachers who encourage our children to achieve at a high level.  Top schools benefit all residents of Moorestown – whether they have attended the schools, have children or grandchildren attending school, or have no connection to the schools. Top schools enhance our town’s great reputation and attract families, which encourages business.  A strong community and excellent schools keep real estate values high.  Everyone benefits.

We have an incredibly hard working Board of Education.  They have scrutinized every detail of the school budget to save tax dollars while providing the best educational program. Working with the school administration, they have arrived at a budget balances everyone’s needs.

Voting for or against the budget will not affect the teachers’ contract negotiations or expedite a resolution.   We want to acknowledge the time and effort that the school administration, the BOE and the MEA, have put into the negotiations.  All parties are keeping the students’ best interest in mind. The budget vote will not affect the recommendation the state-appointed mediator makes to settle the issues.

Please do not use the budget vote to make a statement regarding how you feel about the current contract negotiations.  They are separate issues.

Thank you to the School Administration, BOE  and teachers for all you do for our children and our town. We are one community.   Let’s pass this budget to maintain our great schools. Let’s pass this budget for the future of our town.

Maggy and Mike Carney
Carin Troy
Kitty White
Amy Penwell
Kristina Yankell
Lisa Papotto
Sharon Schwartz
Mark Schwartz
Lori Pallas
Leslie Monahan
Marjorie Wheeler
Kevin Wheeler
Kuna R Yankell
Samuel L Yankell
Linda Foreman

Mara Durighello

Bernadette R. Curtis

Ginger Hayes

Ann Louise F. Eck

Mary McCool

Nancy Poljak

Nevio Poljak

Annie and Bob Uris

Karen Bolte

Lauren Lynch-Fox

Saralee Michaud

Mary Colbeck

Allison Pond

Sheree L. Lantz

Leslie Weller

Melissa Vallila

Andy Vallila

Martina Travis

Laurie Palko

Kelly Eaise

Mark Eaise

debra epstein

Tammy Maxey Zaorski

Christine Blessing

Beth Kelleher

Wendie Melton

David Eisen

Anne Marie Inglis

Doug and Jeannie Pederson

Karen Hamblin

Ghina C. Maliha, D.M.D.

angel filipe

Mira Delvadia

Jesse Yallof

William and Paola Shore

Melissa Brown

Cary Brown

Sharon Kulik

Michael and Michele DiMarino

Frances S. Lewis

theresa soffronoff

Alisa Wallace

Anne Kohart

Jon and Karen Greer

Allyson FLannery

Janet Wilkie

Patricia Brodie

BJ Lemaire

Susan Epstein

stacy l. schaffer

William S. Potts

susan whyte


Karen Kane

Melissa Vallila

Debbie Tsarouhas

Jamie Fairchild

Kamakshi Bulusu

Patty Atkinson

Elizabeth A. Endres

Wanda Domer

Colleen Witkowski

Tamara Trzeciak

Betsy Trigiani

Haynes Hendrickson

Thomas Miller

Beth Misselhorn

Kelly Eckenrode

Lisa Cagney Dixon

Raquel Winkler

Regina Ehrline

Michelle Hughes

Cindy Snyder

Cyndi & Darry Voss

Linda Nemmers

Keith Omlor

Robert Cooper

Jill Valentino

Jeff Valentino

Janet Murray

Jacqueline Latzer

Heather McCollough

Anne Bauman

Bruce Bauman

Diana Taglianetti

Marc Bechtold

kimberly klein

Alissa Larkin

Mara Fiarman Jacobs

Maura Rafferty

Ian N Jacobs, MD

Daniel Nemmers

Beth Gavin

William A Eckenrode

Dan Nemmers

Jeff Fazler

Dawn Leusner

Pam Fallows

Setareh and Jason Levy

Joanne Houshiarnejad

Darius Houshiarnejad

Mohammad Houshiarnejad

Kelly DeSumma Houshiarnejad

Jason Levy

Caryn Lynch

Patrick Lynch

Colleen Maguire

Mike and Kim Hock

Robin Pendino

Colleen O’Hara

Jenny Wiley Legath

Tom Niedermayer

Amy Mindnich

Michael Rafferty

Jennifer Pierson

Jennifer Brinkman

Curt Brinkman

Colleen Patton

Craig Patton

S. Lloyd

Karla Amburgey

Kathleen Nixon

Suzanne Ernst

Denise Santucci

Julie Sattinger

Daniel Davenport

Kevin R. Stewart

Dorothy K. Stewart

Adrienne and Joe Seligman

Mary Jean Klatte

Talia Custer

Barbara Young

Amanda Casario

Sarah Wajda

A. Rekant

Anna Iredale

Morris Yankell

nicole milsteaf

nicole milstead

Billie Danielle Thomas

Pamela Kravitz

Karen Keuter Nikolic

Jay Winkler

Sharon Burns

Denise Chepurny

Jessica Drechsler

Daniel Drechsler

Renata di Florio

Julianne Shawaryn

Linda and David Rho

Drs. Daniel & Karen Davenport

Gwen Goettle

Cissy DerHagopian

Christina Maroney

Ken Wajda

kathy richards

Carol Edzenga

Kathy Potash

Claire McHugh

Jan Wright

Barbara Napoliello

John Nixon

Shawn Tilger

Erika Tilger

Carole Dever

James Dever

Elizabeth Thompson

Julie Chu

Tim Moyer

Karen Moyer

Sandra Saouaf

Anthony Saouaf

catherine Barone Voyack

Maria Lamberto

Maureen Moorer

Robert Moorer

Susan Leonard-Duke

Lynn Rohrbach

Chris and Lauren Greer

Alan and Susan Powell

Julia Slater

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